What it feels like some times

“The followers of the old Church must be overwhelmed per fas et nejas [through right and wrong]. They must be ‘based, discredited, and proceeded against . . . involved in the law and not pardoned . . . till they put themselves wholly to her Highness’s mercy, abjure the Pope of Rome, and conform themselves to the new alteration.’ Nor must they ever again be allowed liberty, for whenever the occasion offers they will probably once more ‘maintain and defend their ancient laws and orders.'”

The English Catholics in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth: A Study of Their Politics, Civil Life, and Government, 1558-1580, from the Fall of the Old Church to the Advent of the Counter-Reformation, by John Hungerford Pollen, S.J. (London:Longmans Green & Co., 1920), quoting “The Device for the Alteration of Religion in the First Year of Queen Elizabeth” (1558) attr. to William Cecil.

I don’t mean that only Catholics feel that way nowadays, but anyone trying to swim against the tide by holding fast to traditional morality.

3 thoughts on “What it feels like some times

  1. The current elite praise Lenin and sneer at Jesus. They treat Catholics and Protestants alike as rubes who can be bullied into submission. They can’t understand why those who hold traditional moral values don’t seem them as the enlightened benevolent just leaders they think themselves to be. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


  2. Ag, using http://www.tineye.com, and plugging in the url for your masthead image, I found this

    smoking monks

    1932, English Benedictine monks.

    In case you were unaware of the story behind the photo.

    I still think it may have been college kids putting on an act.


  3. Neat! I thought they looked English. They don’t look the least like college kids to me. If they are I would think they must have borrowed some authentic habits.


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