Encourage one another

I’m really very happy that many American Catholics are so faithful. They really are — and maybe they don’t know this but I know — the backbone for us European Catholics. We’re really happy that we see there are possibilities in America to be publicly and openly Catholic and traditional without too many problems. In Europe we have a society that is always strongly connected with the Church, which was of course good, and has brought us a great amount of culture and teaching and knowledge, but right now I see the Church is not leading the way anymore, but following the world.

So in Europe we have some really good people left, and as long as American faithful are a backbone and help us get stronger again, then we can be a big group of faithful Catholics again.

Alexander Tschugguel, the Austrian Catholic who removed “Pachamama” statues from a Catholic church in Rome and threw them into the Tiber river. National Catholic Register (ncregister.com), “Austrian Catholic: Why I Threw Pachamama Statues into the Tiber,” November 4, 2019.

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