Irenaeus of Lyons on self-made churches—non-denom and house?

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Irenaeus of Lyon, from Wikipedia Irenaeus of Lyon, from Wikipedia

“Wherefore it is incumbent to obey the presbyters who are in the Church,—those who, as I have shown, possess the succession from the apostles; those who, together with the succession of the episcopate, have received the certain gift of truth, according to the good pleasure of the Father. But [it is also incumbent] to hold in suspicion others who depart from the primitive succession, and assemble themselves together in any place whatsoever, [looking upon them] either as heretics of perverse minds, or as schismatics puffed up and self-pleasing, or again as hypocrites, acting thus for the sake of lucre and vainglory. For all these have fallen from the truth.” (Against Heresies, Volume IV, chapter 26, paragraph 2; A.D. 180s)

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3 thoughts on “Irenaeus of Lyons on self-made churches—non-denom and house?

  1. Hi, Agellius. Thanks for the re-blog. The early church fathers continually frustrate my Protestant sensibilities. Guess I’m not too far from crossing the Tiber. It’s a weird feeling and I can’t say I’m extremely excited. But Protestantism is constantly crumbling before my eyes and I’m not left with many options. Not sure why I’m telling you all this but I have few people to talk to about it all.

    God bless!


  2. Funny, I assumed you must be Catholic. : )

    Frankly, I can understand how it might not seem exciting to join today’s Catholic Church. Then again, I can understand how it might not have been exciting to join at any time, when viewed “on the surface”, so to speak.

    But as you mention in another post, “the only place we can offer this oblation [the Mass] is in the Church” []. From my reading of the Fathers, and the scriptures in the light of the Fathers — that is, reading both as a continuum — the Church that has the priesthood and the Mass has to be the true one. I simply can’t place my faith in a church where worship consists primarily of preaching and singing (no offense). Therefore if not the Church, then “to whom shall we go?”

    We simply have to remember that we can’t judge based on surface appearances. If we can, then admittedly the scriptures are just books, the Eucharist is just a piece of bread and the Church is a pathetic excuse for a Spotless Bride.


    • “to whom shall we go?”

      That question has been on my mind a lot. When synthesizing the fathers and Scripture there are few churches that could make the cut. If one accepts the belief in a visible church established by Christ Himself, one must also believe He has truly led it into all Truth and therefore the options are even fewer (if not just one).


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