I’m no expert on subsidiarity.  But upon reading this article,  a thought occurred to me:

You would think that the smaller a population, the more amenable to central government; and when the population grows larger, that breaking up the government into more local units would be better and more efficient, since that would enable it to be more responsive to local preferences and respectful of local culture. Otherwise, the proportionate amount of power and influence that each citizen (or neighborhood, or town) wields over government policy would dwindle over time.

Our country seems to be doing the opposite: When it was newer and smaller, government was less centralized. Now that our population is over 300 million, government seems to be getting more and more concentrated at the national level.

Or is it just me? Do you feel that you are gaining more of a say over government policy as time goes on, or less? (Or is there no change?)

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