Is evil curable through regulation or legislation?

In a well-meant message of consolation, delivered Sunday at Newtown, President Obama declared that “These tragedies must end. And to end them we must change.” He again used the word “change,” in gainsaying the idea that America does enough to protect its children. “We are not doing enough,” said the president, “and we will have to change.”

“Change” what, exactly? That would be the question, wouldn’t it? Change the laws? By instituting really tough, really meaningful gun control, whatever “meaningful” means in a nation that constitutionally protects the right to own and carry weapons? Possibly we could put a cop (with arms-carrying authority) in every school; on every bike path, every street corner. We’ve yet to hear the details.

No doubt we should forebear ridicule when the actuating factor behind the President’s call is a massacre of the innocents, Herod-style: stomach-churning testimony to – to what? Long-standing apathy toward gun control? More like longer-standing apathy, I suggest, to the presence and power of rampant evil in a world disposed to see every ill as curable, at least in part, through regulation or legislation.

William Murchison, “Main Street U.S.A.: The Problem of Evil

2 thoughts on “Is evil curable through regulation or legislation?

  1. Indeed, my friend.. The failure to recognize the real root of the problem will prevent any real progress in dealing with the problem. The problem is not that guns exist. Rather the problem is that we are evil and that is why guns exist. It is why they must exist. The only solution to the real problem, the problem of evil, is the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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