Indiana RFRA stupidity

What’s most disturbing to me about this kerfuffle is that, based on the news reports I’ve seen, the vast majority of people who are protesting against the RFRA law either deliberately misrepresent it, or haven’t read it and therefore don’t understand it.

What it says, essentially, is that the government may not pass laws that infringe on people’s free exercise of religion, absent a compelling governmental interest in doing so (see the text of the law here). It doesn’t guarantee that religious people will always win, but only gives them grounds for requiring the government to show that it has a compelling interest in coercing compliance which impinges on people’s consciences.

The kneejerk outrage against the law can only mean that people want the government to be able to impinge on people’s consciences WITHOUT a compelling government interest in doing so.

Are they insane? Have they reflected for two seconds that this could end up biting them in their own rear-ends?

This is what scares me about liberal/progressivism generally: It appears to be a movement not of principle but of ad hoc, kneejerk reaction to whatever is the concern du jure. That’s not a wise thing to do. It’s Salem Witch Trial stupid. I fear we’re about to lapse out of civilization and into barbarism.

Be not conformed

William F. Buckley, Jr. writes of Evelyn Waugh:

“He knew people, he knew his century, and, having come to know it, he had faith only in the will of God, and in individual man’s latent capacity to strive towards it. He acknowledged the need to live in this century, … ; but never, ever, to acclimate yourself to it.”

William F. Buckley Jr., “Evelyn Waugh, R.I.P.“,, November 17, 2005.

“Be not conformed to the spirit of the age, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind ….” Romans 12:2.