Hilarious Science! About-Face: This way… Wait, no, that way…

Study finds conservatives are more authoritarian … or not (re-blogged from Yard Sale of the Mind).

Yard Sale of the Mind

Dr Lazarus “You were holding it upside down, weren’t you?” “Shut up.” “You know, with the makeup and everything I actually thought he was smart for a second…”

At the wonderful Retraction Watch site, under the title Epic Correction of the Decade, we find out that that study which purported to show that conservative people are more authoritarian and prone to “psychoticism” than their clearly better adjusted and more stable liberal neighbors, a report you could have read about in just about every major publication in this country – I saw it at the NYT – got a couple things a tinsy bit wrong – as in completely and stunningly  diametrically opposite the truth wrong:

The authors regret that there is an error in the published version of “Correlation not Causation: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies” American Journal of Political Science 56 (1), 34–51. The interpretation…

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