Charity and chastity

In his recent Apostolic Exhortation (which I’m in the process of reading), the Pope spends page after page exhorting us all — lay and clerical alike — to be kind, charitable, compassionate, merciful. He positively harps on it, with relentless persistence. He seems to have faith that exhorting us to be compassionate will bear fruit.

I wonder what would happen if he spent 264 pages exhorting and harping on us, with relentless persistence, to be chaste?

It may not work. I admit that. But is it less likely to work than his exhortations to be kind? If we’re capable of charity, has he no faith that we’re also capable of chastity?

[For those who don’t know, the Apostolic Exhortation is about marriage and family, and is controversial in that it seems to open the door to divorced and remarried couples being allowed to receive Communion despite living in situations involving sexual immorality.]

One thought on “Charity and chastity

  1. Introspective social activist spirituality asserts that exterior actions affect the interior disposition, as means bring about an end. Experience seems to confirm this in many cases. But, for some, this method of piety may not be a straight line between point A and B. Recall how Christ praised Mary but corrected her sister Martha.

    Indeed, we ought to extol charity above all other virtues. In Heaven, there is no virtue but charity, for there is need of no virtue except Charity, Who is God. No one in Heaven needs faith, for he will see face to face, nor hope, for he will have attained the object of his hope, nor compassion, for all our needs shall be met fully, nor mercy, for God will have definitively and equitably judged all, etc.. But, as we are not yet in Heaven, we wayfarers choose methods that we hope will get us there with the indispensable help of God’s grace.

    Thank you for another thought-provoking post, Agellius. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

    God bless!


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