4 thoughts on “Trump and the Pope: Birds of a feather

  1. You’re wrong about Pope Francis. He’s simply following the Holy Spirit’s promptings, living in the God of Surprises. He’s not making it up as he goes along in the slightest.
    God bless you


  2. The comment kept me up a bit last night. I don’t think Trump is great example of Christianity, but for the Pope to … well … excommunicate him seems so odd. He really comes off as a hypocrite about his ecumenism and year of mercy. What does a comment like this from a Pope who claims non-judgementalism about any and all non-Christian religions and other sects of Christianity?

    The only conclusion I could come up with is that, inside the Pope’s worldview heavily influenced by liberal politics, Trump is firmly outside that “acceptable” camp. He’s been excommunicated from the world of acceptable liberal politics, and the off-the-cuff comment was rather revealing in this regard.


  3. Yeah, it was carelessly worded. I suspect what he actually meant was that building a wall is not a Christian thing to do; and he’s entitled to that opinion. But of course, one can do un-Christian things and still be a Christian.


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