An argument for God’s existence

I guess this is basically the argument from efficient causes, but rephrased in a way that occurred to me in the context of a discussion. Feel free to offer corrections:

If everything is caused, then there is nothing left to be the cause. But if there were no cause, then there would be no effects and therefore nothing would exist. Therefore, there must be two classes of things: On the one hand, that which is caused, and on the other, that which is uncaused. But everything in the universe is caused and therefore goes in the first category. What’s left goes in the second. What exactly is in the second category? Whatever it is, it’s not anything physical or it would be part of the universe. So we’re left with an immaterial, uncaused being who caused the existence of everything in the universe.

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2 thoughts on “An argument for God’s existence

  1. If you mean a conscious, living being, then no, at least not as far as I’ve taken the argument. There are ways of getting from an uncaused cause to a conscious being. For example, the uncaused cause is either an intelligent thing or an unintelligent thing. If it’s an unintelligent thing, what would it consist of? Would it not have to be something physical? For what could exist that is not physical? I would argue that the only non-physical yet existing things that we can conceive of are intellects. We can see how non-physical things like justice and love exist, but those are things that only exist in relation to intellects: One intellect can love another, or act (think, feel) justly or unjustly toward another. But what can a thing do which is neither physical nor intellectual?

    But those are other arguments which would have to be fleshed out (as many have done). The point of this argument is just to get to first base, by showing that it’s rational to believe in such a being as the Christian God, i.e. one that is immaterial and uncaused, and the cause of all that exists.


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