Synod on the Family

Joseph Moore is right when he says, “do not read anything about the synod.”

But if you are going to read about it, read this. Evidently the bishops broke up into groups to discuss the Relatio, and most of them were critical of it and wanted it changed to better reflect the traditional Christian understanding of marriage. One point stressed repeatedly is that we should not be so focused on easing the way for broken families, that we fail to affirm families that have been striving to live the Christian ideal of marriage, and to hold them up as an example to others. Also that pastors need to “recognize their own failures and their inadequacies in fostering support for families.”

My favorite line: “[T]here is an urgent need for leadership in today’s world and … such clear leadership can only come from the Church. Such leadership is an urgent part of the Church’s service to contemporary society and a failure to give such witness would be to fail humanity.”

It made me feel a lot better.

3 thoughts on “Synod on the Family

  1. Dear Agellius’s Blog,
    The Synod was just a discussion by the leaders of the Catholic Church. We should feel free to discuss any topic. I was encouraged by the many different perspectives. I followed the news of the Synod and it was a bit of a roller coaster, but the lively discussion was exciting.

    I will keep you in my prayers. God bless,


  2. I agree that the bishops should feel free to discuss anything, trusting that the Holy Spirit will keep the Church true regardless of what questions might be raised along the way. Ideally, this is an opportunity for the Church to reaffirm her teaching in the modern world, perhaps coming up with a way to present the Church’s unchangeable teachings on family in a manner that today’s audience will be more apt to understand. The worry I have is that raising these questions in a semi-public ways may give some the impression that these issues are up for grabs.


  3. Yes and from what I hear, it already has given that impression to some people. It’s practically unavoidable that the secular media would distort such things in their reporting, making it all the more important to make sure the message from the Church is simple and consistent — which unfortunately it’s not.


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