The modes of God’s presence

“As the presence of God does not come within our direct experience in its infinite essence, if we are to enter into divine communion and fellowship, it is necessary that God should manifest Himself to us in special and limited modes of presence. Such presence is relative. Thus God vouchsafes (a) a presence in glory to the hosts of heaven; (b) a presence of efficiency in nature; (c) a providential presence in human affairs; (d) an attentive presence to His worshippers and petitioners; (e) a judicial presence in our consciences; (f) a bodily presence in the Incarnate Son; (g) a mystical presence in the Church and her means of grace; (h) an official presence with His ministers; (i) a sacramental presence in the Holy Eucharist.”

The Being and Attributes of God, Francis J. Hall, D.D., New York:Longmans, 1918, p. 288.

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