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  1. Agellius,

    What do you think of the USCCB’s tactics in response to the mandate? Do you think they passed up a “teachable moment” in not addressing the substantive moral issue of contraception in favor of solely grounding their defense on liberal “religious freedom” grounds?


  2. I think the bishops have been missing teachable moments with regard to birth control, for decades. The most recent missing of a teachable moment was merely the continuation of a longstanding policy of absolute silence on the subject (at least as far as I’ve been aware).

    I think I understand why they grounded their “public relations” position on religious freedom grounds. That tactic seems to be paying off in the courts at least. But I strongly think (as I suspect you do too) that at the same time, they should have started a massive education campaign among Catholics. It was the perfect timing for that and it was definitely a missed opportunity which might have paid off in the upcoming elections and beyond.


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