The myth of liberal openmindedness

“I reject the insinuation that liberals (i.e. progressives) have a special ownership of the principles of free speech and open debate. For instance, if you look at how the Left took over academia in one university after another, they took advantage of the values of open inquiry and debate just long enough to get in the door and take power. Once they were in charge, they pulled up the gangplank behind them for anyone who disagreed.”

Jonah Goldberg, “When Liberalism Fails”, The Goldberg File (email “news”letter), April 11, 2014.

One thought on “The myth of liberal openmindedness

  1. So true. I personally have encountered this recently in talks with liberal atheists. At the start and at the surface they just want to have a good dialogue but then when they get a chance they attack your beliefs in hopes that you abandon them and accept their narrow minded dogmas of humanism and godless morality. I personally would love to discuss more openly with atheists and liberals but its hard to do so without being personally attacked for your “ignorance”.


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