I’m not The Man

“[A]nother of my peeves — and it’s fairly closely related to the myth of libertarian liberalism — is the idea widely held on college campuses that being liberal is ‘rebellious.’ Whenever I go on a college campus these days I try to hammer home this point: Your professors are liberal, your textbooks are liberal, your administrators are liberal, Hollywood is liberal, the music industry is liberal, the publishing business is liberal, the mainstream media is liberal, your high-school teachers were liberal . . . and yet you somehow believe you’re sticking it to the man by being . . . liberal!

“This is, quite easily, the cheapest rebelliousness in human history.”

Jonah Goldberg, The Goldberg File (email newsletter), November 8, 2013.

(The Goldberg File is an email newsletter requiring a subscription. I highly recommend it, it’s always good and often hilarious. You can sign up for it here.)

“The truth of the matter is that progressivism is the mainstream American tradition. This is not to say it hasn’t changed in the last 200 years, or even the last 50: it has. However, if we look at the ideas and ideals taught and studied at Harvard during the life of the country, we see a smooth progression up to now, we do not see any violent reversals or even inflection points, and we end up with good old modern-day progressivism.”

Mencius Moldbug, “An open letter to open-minded progressives“, Unqualified Reservations blog, April 17, 2008.

This is not a political blog. In fact I deliberately avoid following politics since I can’t do anything about it and all I get in return for my time and attention is frustration and worry. Still, I know enough to know that conservative Republicans are not The Man. Face it, liberals/progressives: The Man is you.

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