The myth of sexual pressure

There is today a societal myth that our sexuality is like a pressure cooker that inevitably explodes if we don’t find release for it. This myth is not true. This is a product of our sex-conscious, pornography saturated culture. Desires have to be fed in thought and action. If we feed sexual desires by constantly thinking about it, making it a central part of our lives, viewing pornography, constantly wishing and craving it, eventually we will give in and commit sin. But the pressure builds as a consequence of our own choices of thought and action-it doesn’t build on its own. If we don’t attend to it, if we don’t let it continually plague our minds, if we aren’t constantly turning our thoughts to it, if we eschew pornography and masturbation and other ways of titilating our minds, the pressure simply doesn’t build in the same way. We have agency in these matters-and our moral agency extends to our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

From a comment by “AttemptedDiscipleship” on the Millennial Star blog.

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