What it means to assent based on faith, part 2

I previously wrote about what it means to assent based on faith, relying partly on a quote from Cardinal Newman. I also posted on whether doubt and faith are compatible, in other words, once you have decided to place your faith in a source of information, can you simultaneously continue not placing your faith in that source?

Here is some more Cardinal Newman on what it means to assent based on faith:

From the time that I became a Catholic, of course I have no further history of my religious opinions to narrate. In saying this, I do not mean to say that my mind has been idle, or that I have given up thinking on theological subjects; but that I have had no variations to record, and have had no anxiety of heart whatever. I have been in perfect peace and contentment; I never have had one doubt. I was not conscious to myself, on my conversion, of any change, intellectual or moral, wrought in my mind. I was not conscious of firmer faith in the fundamental truths of Revelation, or of more self-command; I had not more fervour; but it was like coming into port after a rough sea; and my happiness on that score remains to this day without interruption.

John Henry Newman, Apologia pro Vita Sua, p. 238.

Me too.

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